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      2. Clone the repo: git clone https://github.com/silverbux/bootflat-admin.git
      3. Go inside the folder and Install Requirements: npm install
      4. Run Grunt Watch: grunt watch
      5. Customize / Modify / Workflow

        grunt watch will monitor any changes to sass, css and js files and automatically combine, minify and clean all files to dist/css/site.min.css and dist/js/site.min.js

        CSS and JS Settings

        Add or Remove css/js sources or packages from bootflat-admin/csscomb.json and bootflat-admin/jscomb.json

        CSS FILES

        Add your own css rules under bootflat-admin/css/site.css

        SASS FILES

        You can also modify SASS files under folder bootflat-admin/scss folder.

        JS FILES

        Add your javascript codes to bootflat-admin/js/application.js.

        Folder Structure

        Root Folder
        │  ├── csscomb.json  # json file containing all css files to combine
        │  ├── jscomb.json   # json file containing all js files to combine
        │  ├── css           # source files for css
        │  ├── js            # source files for js
        │  ├── sass          # sass files
        │  └── tmp           # temp folder for csscomb
        │──dist              # the only folder you need for your app/website/template
        │  ├── css
        │  ├── fonts
        │  ├── js
        └──└── img


        The CSS can stand on its own, but it is also built to be enhanced by the developer. For simplicity you can always just add in your own CSS and override default properties. And for even more power and flexibility, the core is written with Sass 3.3.9 and includes easily customized variables and mixins. We feel we’ve left the CSS in a state which can be easily extended to get your own look and feel.

        Browser Support

        As such, our browser support tends to be whatever Web View API is available to native on a given platform. For Bootflat v2.0.4, that means UIWebView for E8, IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome.

        Bootflat UI Kit

        For the designers, we offer a free PSD file for you, it including a set of beautiful and pure components, which you can use to create startup projects, websites or iOS/Android Apps.

        Download Bootflat UI Kit (v2.0.0)

        Bootflat Flat UI Color Picker

        Bootflat Flat UI Color Picker is a project digging the Flat Color Picker which gives you the perfect colors for flat designs.


        Bootflat-Admin is simply a modified copy of Bootflat with extra magic stuff in it. So all necessary credits are given to Bootflat authors.


        Bootflat is an open source framework released under a permisive MIT license. This means you can use Bootflat in your own personal or commercial projects for free. MIT is the same license used by such popular projects as jQuery and Ruby on Rails.